The warmth and light of summertime offers a unique opportunity for our yoga practice.

As the natural environment and our bodies shift together, we can tune into and refine the subtler aspects of our practice, which will help anchor you for a great summer.

This series will emphasize creating a practice that cools and grounds our bodies and works subtly with different breathing patterns as a compliment to the expansive energy of the Summer season.

 We welcome yoga students of all levels and abilities.

Classes are pre-recorded so that you can take classes at the time and rhythm that suits you best.

What people are saying about Yoga with Scott

I can’t say enough good things about doing yoga with Scott. I feel deeply nourished in my personal practice of yoga and ayurveda. It is truly heartening to be led into the subtleties of hatha yoga practice. Scott is a genius at bringing out the deeper aspects of the most basic teachings. He also has a magical way of inviting folks into the practices without being preachy or like, “this is the one way.” But he also steers clear of being “wishy washy.” This is no small feat. Studying with Scott has supported my growth as a practitioner and a teacher.

--Shannon McCall

This course has incredible depth, yet is designed to be easily understandable and accessible. Scott is a creative, gifted and generous teacher who integrates his immense knowledge and skill in way that teaches to all aspects of the human experience. The classes build on each other and Scott's pacing gives time for students to embody his teachings.

Following dietary suggestions and guidelines as well as a consistent yoga practice has resulted in my body feeling healthier and more robust. I have also had almost no lower back pain since starting this course.

--S. Noble

10% of the profit from this course will be

donated to:

Sogorea Te’ Land Trust cultivates rematriation and calls on us all to heal and transform the legacies of colonization, genocide, and
patriarchy and to do the work our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do.

Punarnava Community focuses on improving the health, education and welfare of villagers in Thirumalayampalayam Panchayat near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Your guide

Scott Blossom

For more than 25 years, Scott Blossom has integrated Traditional Chinese (TCM), Ayurveda, somatics, and evidence-based nutrition into his clinical practice and educational offerings.

In addition to his clinical practice, Scott currently offers online integrative wellness courses on the intersection of microbiome science with Āyurveda and yoga-based somatic practices.

He received his Biology degree in 1993 from UC Santa Cruz, his licensure in TCM from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine in 1998. Scott has been mentored by and worked alongside renowned Āyurvedic physician and scholar Dr. Robert Svoboda for more than twenty years.

Always passionate about integrative medicine, Scott began his career pioneering yoga-based wellness classes and acupuncture with the staff and patients at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara and Hospice of Santa Barbara. He has served on the faculty of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda since 2009.

Scott's mission is to inspire a regenerative revolution for individuals and society through multidimensional self-care, sacred reciprocity, and collective healing. Personally, this takes the form of an ongoing commitment to working with other white-bodied folks to become allies in social, sexual, and gender justice.

In 2011, Scott founded, a site dedicated to Ayurvedic education & nutrition.

WE have tiered, class-equitable, pay-what-supports-you pricing.

We believe that pricing doesn't have to be a weapon of classism: it can and should be a joyful act of service that creates stronger communities. Our model is inspired by the Green Bottle Model from Worts + Cunning.

We also want to help to create a conscious, intentional and value-aligned culture of payment.

Please read the following criteria and determine which price is appropriate for you:

  • Highest price: You have access to financial security, own property, or have personal savings; if you are able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worrying about securing necessities in your life; if you have economic privilege and power in our community, this price is for you.

By choosing this price, you are “paying it forward” and contributing to a more equitable world by supporting course access for those with less.

  • Middle price: You may be paying off debt or working to build savings, but you also have access to steady income. You do NOT spend most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, etc.

Making this investment might mean you might have to cut back on some discretionary spending in your life (such as going out to dinner, buying coffee, buying a new outfit, or going on vacation), but the sacrifice is short-term, and will not harm you in the long term.

Lowest price: You have access to basic needs such as food, housing, and childcare, though sometimes it may feel difficult. You are able to put away money each month to save up to be able to pay for the program, but the middle tier price would mean that you have to save for longer than 12 months.

To apply for a scholarship, please send a paragraph about your financial need & your motivation to participate in the Short & Sweet Summer Yoga Intensive to [email protected]

Choose a Pricing Option

This course is available for two months after purchase.

Questions? Email the Doctor Blossom Team at [email protected]